Bongio REEF built-in shower mixer BONGIO RUBINETTERIE - 2
  • Bongio REEF built-in shower mixer BONGIO RUBINETTERIE - 1
  • Bongio REEF built-in shower mixer BONGIO RUBINETTERIE - 2

Bongio REEF built-in shower mixer

  • 53524CRPR
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The quality and the courageous choices of Mario Bongio allowed his company to go through hard times and difficult times, giving priority until the start to a unique style of innovation and creativity.

L 'brass, the Murano glass working craftsmen glassmakers, crystal, they gave all' company, a unique character.
Always for Bongio faucets and bathroom were read as a pretext to think of a more global project, done together, rather than drive.

The current production, led by the son of Mario Bongio, Antonio, was still in the catalog many of the projects born in the '30s and' 40s as proof of the quality of the project and its modernity, still perceptible.
In recent years production has mainly taken the road of research, and the absolute quality always resolved with unmistakable style.
In short, a true "Made in Italy" of substance and not propaganda.

The established presence in the showrooms most qualified in the world, are the increased recognition of this commitment.
All now know many of the "pieces" made from Bongio, they have become icons not only of design, but a sentiment and a passion beyond all boundaries.

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